Hey! I am Bihter, I’m delighted to have you here!

I am a Berlin based trauma informed coach, a former yoga teacher and a former social sciences academic. I’m very excited to share this approach with you, that transformed the way I perceive myself and my relationships with people and social and political events around me. I offer my services in English, in Turkish and in German. I’m happy to answer your questions and have a clarity call with you!

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Berlin & Online


Berlin & Online

– About me

A curious one …

Following my existential questions as a kid, I always kept  exploring different disciplines and teachings. Meditation has been my everyday practice and I keep benefiting from it. Parallel to my academic studies in social science, I’ve completed more than 500 h of yoga teacher trainings and followed Oxford University Mindfulness Approach with David Cornwell. l‘ve worked in corporate set ups as an editor back in Istanbul, travelled the world and taught yoga and meditation.

I’m passionate about inspiring individuals for trauma aware approaches, self care, co-regulation, feeling and sensing, becoming somatically aware; at a societal level being more present for ourselves therefore for each other and the world…

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1:1 Trauma Informed Coaching

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Resiliency Circles

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Empowerment Circles

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Coping with stress and depression

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Meditation as a somatic resource

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Mindfulness based yoga & movement

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Resiliency circle
3 months, weekly meetings


resiliency circle
3 months, weekly meetings


mindfulness in the midst of stress
Bridging Cognitive Psychology & Body Psychotherapy (ENG&DE)

What clients say?




“Bihter’s blend of personal coaching and somatic therapy significantly helped me clarify my goals, recognize the positive aspects of my life path and to overcome the residue of a traumatic experience. I am very grateful for her patience, groundedness, and supportive energy.”


Stress Workshop


“Great and unique workshop! It’s not only learning about the why’s and how’s, it’s a journey into deep self-knowledge while experiencing the connection of mind & body, thoughts & emotions and be conscious about their impact in everyday life struggles and conflicts. Bihter and Massih are an amazing duo, a “Ying-Yang” of the Body & Mind. I truly recommend it!”


Meditation Workshop


“I had an absolute pleasure joining Bihter’s workshop and it was exactly what I needed at the time to ground myself after a very intense week. Bihter goes into the Polyvagal Theory which is super interesting for anyone who’s curious about Somatics, and does a great job presenting it in digestable, relatable bits. She also allows space to find your most comfortable seated position to fully arrive and be present in meditation. We wrapped up the session by a long, silent meditation where we got to integrate everything we learned. The nerd in me really enjoyed the blend of theory and practice and I cannot recommend enough! ✨”




“Uuuh I encourage you all, to join this beautiful Thursday afternoon class with Bihter, she’s doing a great job at taking her classes into the hyperspace ❣️ I’ve just finished today’s class and feel so rejuvenated and readjusted… Bringing in a knowledge fusion of asanas and axis syllabus, gaga and other body work, what I really like about Bihter’s light to medium difficulty class is that you get to feel your body and you get a through breath-stretch – Bihter reminds you what to remember and not to forget, and most importantly to stay playful as well. 💕🐉😽 Wohooo join us next time, miaou!”


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I’m available for your questions, weather a phone call or an email, feel encouraged to contact me! I will get back to you latest in 24h.

+ 49 15781024182

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